Avalinity is a Swedish visual rock band, formely known as TAP (2011-2013).
The band consist of it’s four original members and recently celebrated 9 years of activity together.

SaSa – Vocals
AREKU – Guitar
K – Bass
FRED – Drums


Guitarist AREKU decides to start the support-band TAP (The Arekusandaa Project) in mid 2011.
The first member to join the project was bassist K (former member of PAN) who was declared as a permanent member on the 18th of December 2011. Soon after vocalist SaSa joined the project and was declared as a permanent member on 22nd of December 2011.


On the 9th of January 2012 the lineup was completed as drummer FRED (former member of L.O.T) joined the project, and TAP officially started their group activities.

23.03.2012 [First Live] at Actic Sports Hall, Genarp
29.03.2012 [Charity Event] at Wickmanska Café, Lund
21.04.2012 [Charity Event] at Dunkers, Helsingborg
5.04.2012 [Live] at KodachiCon, Lund
10.11.2012 [Live] at TomCon, Ystad

Release of demo single「Deconstruction」
Release of demo single「Autumn Rain」


On the 27th of June 2013 the project officially changed their name to Avalinity, no longer a project but now a band.
After the summer K (Ba.) went on hiatus to continue her studies in Hong Kong and therefore
support bassist Kaz~ (2013) temporarily joined the band.

18.01.2013 [Live] at Sofie Park, Malmö
11.02.2013 [Live] at Fäladsgården, Lund
05.03.2013 [Last Live as TAP] at Spyken, Lund

07.09.2013 [First Live as Avalinity] at HarukaCon, Karlskrona


As K (Ba.) returned to her position in the band in the beginning of the year, SaSa (Vo.) went on hiatus to continue her studies in Japan in the early autumn.

Avalinity made a temporarily change in the line up: K (Ba.) took over the role of vocalist and support bassist
Yoru (2014-2015) joined the line up.

Release of demo single「Children of the Universe」

AREKU (Gt.) started activity as a solo musician with the release of his debut single 「Hallow」


SaSa (Vo.) returned to her position in the band in October of 2015 and activities resumed with Avalinity’s original line-up.

24.01.2015 [Live] at Sofie Park, Malmö
10.02.2015 [Live] at Spyken, Lund
12.03.2015 [Live] at Fäladsgården, Lund


Avalinity joined production and publishing label Gance Media.

09.02.2016 [Live] at Jutan, Helsingborg
15.02.2016 [Live] at Sågen, Klippan
10.03.2016 [Live] at Eric Ruuths Kulturhus, Höganäs
18.05.2016 [Charity Live with Banana Chips for Kumamoto] at Hemgården, Lund

K (Ba.) started activity as a solo musician under the name Master K, with the release of her debut single 「Witches」


In 2017 Avalinity focused on making new music, and started looking into the possibility of adding another guitarist to their line-up to further evolve their music.


The band spent the year looking for another guitarist and working with multiple talented musicians to find the right match. Unfortunately the right person was not found and Avalinity decided to keep their original line-up as it is.

SaSa (Vo.) started activity as a solo musician with the release of her debut single 「Touch」


Preparations for official music release was made, and the band spent the summer recording music.


Like many, in 2020 due to the global pandemic Avalinity had to postpone all official activities.


25.03.2021 [Event] InstaLive Release Party
27.03.2021 [Event] InstaLive Listening Party

Release of single 「Liɘeye」
Release of EP 「RESURREXI」


Kaz~ (2013)
Yoru (2014 – 2015)

(Photo credit: Banner (Gance Media), Live (Miharu), Kaz (Chiro Photography), Yoru (Ove Jansson)