Avalinity is a visual rock band, formerly known as TAP (2011-2013).
A band where no song is like the previous, always evolving.


-Visual since 2012, still not dead-


The beginning

TAP (The Arekusandaa Project) was formed as a support-band for guitarist AREKU in mid 2011.
The first member to join the project was bassist K (former member of PAN) who was declared as a permanent member in early December of 2011.
Soon after vocalist SaSa joined the project and was declared as a permanent member on the 22nd of December 2011.
On the 9th of January 2012, the lineup was completed as drummer Fredrik (former member of L.O.T) joined the project.


2016; Chapter 5

Avalinity begun the year with their first show as Avalinity with the original line-up on the 9th of February at Jutan, in Helsingborg.
Followed by a performance at Sågen, in Klippan on the 15th of February, and Eric Ruuths Kulturhus, in Höganäs on the 10th of March.
In May Avalinity played a charity-live, raising funds for earthquake victims in Kumamoto.
Avalinity is currently busy rehearsing and planning for the future, please always look forward to new material.


2015; Chapter 4

The temporary line-up started the year, once again, with Livekarusellen and performed three live shows in Malmö and Lund.
The band focused on making new material, and solo related projects.
Vocalist SaSa returned to Sweden in October and activities resumed with Avalinity’s original line-up.


2014; Chapter 3

K returned to Sweden and her part as bassist, and all members headed to the studio.
On the 1st of July Avalinity released their demo single「Children of the Universe」 and soon after SaSa had to leave to continue her studies in Japan.
Due to the absent of their vocalist, Avalinity decided to undergo a temporary change in their line-up; bassist K took over the role of vocalist, and her spot was filled in by support bassist Yoru.

2013; Chapter 2

Avalinity Visual Kei Band from Sweden live at Spyken in LundThe band kicked off the year with Livekarusellen and performed three live shows in Malmö and Lund.
Since late 2012, TAP had evolved to the point of which it no longer wished to only be a support-band for AREKU.
The last live as TAP was held at Spyken, in Lund on the 5th of May.

AVALINITY live at HarukaConOn the 27th of June 2013, the band formally changed their name to Avalinity.
Unfortunately, bassist K left to continue her studies in Hong Kong, and Avalinity held their first concert with their new name together with support bassist Kaz~, on the 7th of September at HarukaCon, in Karlskrona.

2012; Chapter 1

TAP played their first live show at Actic sports hall, in Genarp on the 23rd of March.
They then performed two gigs; a charity-concert at Wickmanska Café, in Lund on the 29th of March, and one at Dunkers, in Helsingborg on the 21st of April.
On the 5th of May, TAP held their first one man live at KodachiCon, in Lund.
During the summer and autumn months they continued to work with a lot of new material which they presented on their second one man show, on the 10th of November at TomCon, in Ystad, where they were the only live musical act to perform yet again.

The band also recorded and released two demo singles:
「Autumn Rain」


SaSa – Vo. (2011 –)
AREKU – Gt. (2011 – )
K – Ba. (2011 – )
Fredrik – Dr. (2012 – )


Support bassist (2013)
Yoru was the support bassist of Avalinity in 2014-2015Yoru
Support bassist (2014-2015)